Climate change is a serious and pressing concern to us as a company.

We believe our industry has an obligation to minimize their contribution to the detriment of the environment and
we as a brand are trying to undertake whatever measure possible to do our part in preserving the ecosystem.  

Transparency is crucial in making actual constructive change. We do not claim to have championed all the issues this crisis poses for our industry;
we are acutely aware that we have much progress to make. We take accountability where we fall short of our goals, however we strive to constantly evolve and learn –
keeping up to date with research and technological developments that may be able to assist us and which we can adopt to our business.

We believe in sustainability, products with a long lifecycle and slow fashion.

Our goal is to create durable products which adhere to the principle of longevity; to be passed down, swapped between friends and are generally versatile, with a life-long span.
We encourage our customers to treat their garments with care and reuse, repair and repurpose if needed, to avoid contributing to waste.

Our ONE SIZE swimwear and new upcoming resort collections are based on these principles. The fundamental nature of our garments being ONE SIZE makes an inherently adaptable product,
thus we are able to prevent undergoing a wasteful production process and reduce storage issues regarding deadstock.
We also work with a made-to-order framework in order to steer clear of large productions which cause unnecessary waste.

We use premium high-quality European origin raw materials – designed, woven, cut and sewn in Greece by local suppliers and manufacturers.
We have chosen small scale garment manufacturers over mass production to prop up our community and minimize our environmental impact.

As an effort to be mindful of waste, we have opted to not indulge in traditional forms of excessive packaging
and have found alternatives such as plastic-free resistance bags for our swimwear and glass tubes for our accessories.

Our new upcoming resort collection is a step moving forward in our transition to a more sustainable business mode.
We have been more intentional with our use of materials, selecting to use 100% vegan silk featuring our primary textile.

We look forward to further developing as a company. Stay tuned…