About Us


SORBET ISLAND’s creations conjure up an aura of magical vacations and inspire endless summer vibes.
Crafted in Greece by a passionate team of artisans and creatives,
SORBET ISLAND takes inspiration from the surrounding enchanted Aegean landscape and its serene waters.
Driven by good energy, tranquillity and ageless youthfulness,
SORBET ISLAND’s pieces are designed based on the principles we believe in; inclusivity, authenticity and positivity.

In 2014, founder Sophia Mamas embarked on a personal venture to create customized friendship bracelets for her loved ones.
What simply began as a hobby of creating tokens of her appreciation and affection for her intimate friends and family,
grew into a multi-product brand – from jewellery, accessories to beachwear and a resort line.

SORBET ISLAND always keeps close to heart the same warmth inherent in its beginnings.
Sophia carefully considers every detail with the intention of retaining this sense of intimacy,
so that when an item reaches your hands you can experience the love, passion and appreciation that has been devoted to its production.
Personalised and thoughtful touches are made to the packaging with stickers included for customization, inspirational quotes accompanying items,
and all jewellery presented in glass tubes with fortune messages –
a distinctive feature reminiscent of the messages in a bottle dedicated to loved ones and sent out at sea.
She draws inspiration from her own childhood memories and the dreamy sweet nostalgia of summer;
sorbet ice-cream, love for fun stickers, multi-coloured candies, bright colour combinations…
weaving a thread of playfulness throughout all collections, all the while maintaining an effortlessly sophisticated aesthetic.
SORBET ISLAND is now sold in more than 5,000 stores worldwide such as Le Bon Marché, La Samaritaine, Lodenfrey, Selfridges.
It has also been featured in numerous prestigious fashion magazines including but not limited to: Vogue, Elle, InStyle, et al.