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The website www.sorbetisland.com hereinafter referred to as the “website” for the sake of brevity, was created by the company SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E." with the distinctive title "SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E." and hereafter similarly called, which was established and operates according to the Greek law, has its headquarters at Attalias 3, 12241 Egaleo, Greece in the municipality of Egaleo, and is legally represented, for the purposes of the displaying, distribution and retail sale of the products of "SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E." to the users of the website. The online store www.sorbetisland.com ensures you the highest possible security during your transactions on the website. The presentation of the following terms, which govern the rights and obligations of the online store to all of you visiting the website, is made with the ultimate intention of informing you, on the one hand, about your rights and obligations and, on the other hand, to better serve you in your search for and acquisition of the products you wish to purchase from the online store www.sorbetisland.com. Please read the following website terms of use carefully. Each time you use the website, you fully and unconditionally accept and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use contained therein. If you do not accept the following terms of use, please do not use the website and refrain from any transactions. SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. may modify or renew these terms of use. In any of the above cases, SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. undertakes to inform Visitors/Users of this website of any modification or change. In the event that the use of a service on the website is governed by more specific terms of use, these terms will apply in conjunction with the present conditions. In case of conflict, the specific terms of use of each service will prevail.


Those who have full legal capacity according to the law have the right to make use of the website. The use of the website by minors is only permitted with the explicit consent of the adults who have custody of them, who are solely responsible for the protection of minors. SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. is not responsible for any use by Visitors/Users who do not comply with the above requirements.


The Website Visitor is defined as any Internet user who visits the website www.sorbetisland.com without taking any steps to register with the online store or place an order. The website User is defined as any person who registers and/or places an order with the online store.


The website constitutes the online store for the display and distribution of (brand) products with an independent pricing policy, terms of payment, distribution and delivery of products. The Visitor has the option to view photos, materials/ingredients and prices of (brand) products. The User, in addition to the above, also has the possibility to place orders on the online store, provided that he or she has registered on the online store, by selecting "MY ACCOUNT" and then "CREATE ACCOUNT". The user registers only once by entering his/her e-mail address and a password. The User, using the unique combination of the e-mail address and the password he/she has declared, has the following options: • View the contents of his/her "SHOPPING CART". The user can buy products, change their type or quantity in each order. • Finalize his/her orders and pay according to the payment methods provided by the online store. • Modify the details of his/her account as they are detailed below. • Consult his/her order history, consult his/her credit statements and use discount vouchers electronically. The service is international available.


SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. reserves the right to amend or terminate the service temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. In all cases where the User makes use of the services of the online store, he/she is deemed to have accepted these terms of use without reservation and acknowledges without reservation that the online store www.sorbetisland.com is not liable to him/her for any amendment, postponement or interruption of the service. All orders that have already been placed before any temporary or permanent interruption of the service will be carried out normally.


Information entered upon registration of a new User: When registering on the online store, which is necessary when placing an order, the following registration details are required: surname, first name, e-mail address, company name, address, postcode, town, country, region, mobile telephone. The above data is necessary for the processing of the order by the online store and is at its disposal, to be used exclusively for the processing of the user's order. B. Use User Data by the Online Store: The possibility to collect personal data is limited to users who: • have placed an order in the Online Store or • have registered via the online store page. The collection of personal data is necessary for the company, in order to support users' transactions through its website. The website will not distribute a user's e-mail address or other personal data for marketing purposes without the user's consent. The user reserves the right to request the immediate deletion from the website's databases of all personal data that he/she has communicated in the manner indicated above to the online store, if cumulatively: • he or she has ceased to use the services of the Website. • he or she no longer bears any debt to SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E.


Personal data The personal data of Customers is kept by SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. and are used exclusively for the execution and evidencing of their orders, the provision of personalised services and the export of statistical data. These data are not passed on to third parties, with the exception of companies cooperating with SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E., to whom they are transmitted for the purpose of sending advertising material and individual offers to the customer or possibly to the competent Authorities in the cases defined by law and in the manner provided for by the relevant provisions. The Customer hereby gives his consent to the storing and processing of his/her personal data by SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. for the purpose of executing and evidencing his/her orders, providing personalised services and exporting statistics and for forwarding them to companies cooperating with SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. in order to send him/her promotional material and personalised offers. The Customer has the right to access any information that he/she has communicated to us and to object at any time to the processing of data concerning him/her. For any exercise of the right to object to the processing of data, you can contact [email protected]. Cookies At www.sorbetisland.com, we use cookies to improve your experience on our site. You can see in detail which cookies we use and the Cookie Policy by clicking here. You can also change your options by clicking here.


SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. makes every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the online store, but in no way guarantees that the functioning of the website / its servers and/or the websites of third parties through which its content is transmitted, will be uninterrupted and orderly, free of viruses and other elements. Therefore, SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. is not liable for any damage caused to Visitors/Users of the Website or to third parties that may be related to the operation of the above. SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. explicitly states that it cannot and is not obliged to monitor the security and content of third-party websites, but that it has the right at any time to terminate access to any website if it becomes aware of any event that, in its discretion, is contrary to the law and these terms and conditions.


The website endeavours to be as accurate as possible with regard to the characteristics of the products displayed on the online store. However, the website www.sorbetisland.com shall not be liable if the characteristics or other content related to the products sold through this website are inaccurate, incomplete, not up-to-date or, in general, contain errors that cannot be foreseen or have occurred involuntarily or due to an interruption of the website due to force majeure. In particular, the website www.sorbetisland.com and at the same time the company SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E., is not responsible for defective products and/or false information concerning the goods of its suppliers that are featured on the website. The corresponding liability lies solely with the company's suppliers. SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. is committed to delivering its high-quality products in packaging best suited for safe shipping.


The User prepares his/her order by adding the products he/she wishes to purchase in his/her "SHOPPING CART" by following step by step the simple process provided for by the Website. After being asked to confirm the order, the delivery address of the products and the delivery address of the document/invoice and to accept without reserve the terms of the sales contract, which are an integral part of this process, he/she is required to pay, choosing one of the appropriate payment methods relating to the item sold and other costs. The placing of an order constitutes the conclusion of a distance contract, in accordance with the relevant legal framework as amended and in force. When placing an order, the consumer receives an online message from the company with the details of his order and its confirmation including relevant information such as (a) the product ordered, (b) the price, (c)quantity, (d) VAT, (e) the method of payment and delivery and (f) the right of withdrawal. This message may be saved by the consumer.


The prices of the products displayed on this website are final, i.e. the legally valid VAT for each product is included. These prices refer to the quantities available in the warehouse of SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E., while www.sorbetisland.com reserves the right to adjust the prices and availability of its products.


The method of payment is chosen by the User and includes the possibility of debiting a credit or debit card, using the PayPal electronic payment system or payment by bank transfer. Payment by credit or debit card: The online store www.sorbetisland.com accepts VISA and MASTERCARD credit or debit cards. There is no possibility of payment in instalments, the amount will be paid in one instalment. The amount of the lump sum payment, in addition to the value of the products, also includes the shipping costs and any commission charges for the chosen method of payment. For payments made by credit/debit card, the user/customer shall follow the instructions found in this online store. The customer is solely responsible for the correct registration and authenticity of his/her credit / debit card data. Bank transfer: The online store www.sorbetisland.com offers payment by bank transfer, where the customer deposits the amount of the order to the company’s bank account. In this case, the following conditions apply: The customer has the right to withdraw from the order before the delivery of the order to the shipping company, i.e., within 24 hours following the placing of the order. Any fees that were charged to www.sorbetisland.com for the bank transfer transaction during the payment and other fees that may apply for the refund process, will be excluded from the total refund amount. Once the order has been delivered to the shipping company, the customer must pay the shipping and C.O.D. charges, which cannot be refunded. Paypal: The online store www.sorbetisland.com accepts payments via Paypal. The customer has the right to withdraw from the order and in that case the transaction fees charged by Paypal are excluded the refund. SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. ensures the security and confidentiality of transactions. Note: Credit / debit card numbers and details are not stored or processed on the Website.


In general, the products are only delivered to the buyer in person. The delivery of the products takes place within two (2) working days and depends on the execution of the order, the availability of the products, the place of dispatch and the confirmation of the customer's details. The order may be delayed for the following reasons: The dispatch of the product has been delayed by our supplier. Our company will contact the customer to find a solution. The product has been withdrawn or is out of stock and is no longer available. Our company will contact the customer to find a replacement solution. In times of extreme weather conditions, strikes, pandemics and force majeure, the execution of the order may be affected. Our company will contact the customer if he/she still wishes to execute the order. In the event that it is impossible to contact the customer by any means whatsoever because the information entered by the customer is false.


The delivery of the products is carried out by a cooperating courier company to which the company provides the exact data of the consumer/user in order to make the delivery and execution of the order possible. Regardless of the method of payment, the shipping costs are borne by the consumer/user. The website reserves the right to change the minimum amount and the conditions for free shipping.


The consumer has the right to return the purchased product easily and quickly under the following conditions: •Notify us via email at [email protected] to request a return and provide a reason for your request. •The request for a return must be initiated within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receiving the products at your residence. Please ensure that you retain the product receipt. This falls under the withdrawal policy. •The packaging has not been tampered with and is in its original (factory) condition. •For any returns originating from orders placed outside of Europe, customers are responsible for covering the associated expenses and costs incurred by customs. In the event of a problem with the order (e.g., if it is incomplete, destroyed, damaged, etc.), the consumer is requested to inform www.sorbetisland.com by email. The user sends the parcel to the address through the courier agency from which he received the order to: SORBET ISLAND, ATTALIAS str. 3, 12241 EGALEO, ATHENS, GREECE. TEL: (+30)2105314441 The only costs borne by the consumer are those of packaging and shipping. (Withdrawal) Please, keep the receipt and shipping vouchers of the product for proof of the above actions. In case of a problem with the order (e.g., if it is incomplete, destroyed, damaged, etc.) SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. warrants the refund of the User's money within 30 days from the date on which the product is returned to the company or the replacement of the product if the product delivered does not correspond to the product ordered. The necessary requirement for sub-case of a problem with the order (e.g., if it is incomplete, destroyed, damaged, etc.) is that the product must be in the same condition as when it was received by the consumer and that the consumer must keep proof of payment. In this case, the consumer is required to send the product immediately in the closed packaging received, while the supplier, provided that all the required procedures and regulations described in the terms of use have been complied with, is required, if the consumer does not wish a replacement, to return the justified amounts paid by the consumer within 30 days. The reimbursement of the amount in the above case shall be made in the same way as the payment was made. The refundable price does not include shipping costs. In this case, the shipping costs shall be borne entirely by the company. The User will be informed by e-mail of the receipt of the returned product at our offices. For more information, the user can contact us via the contact form on our Website: www.sorbetisland.com or send an e-mail to: [email protected]


Our products are of European origin, and for all orders outside the EU, they will be subject to customs procedures.  In most cases, any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. You may be charged for handling fees and taxes as your order passes through customs. Any charges on a parcel must be paid by the person receiving the parcel (this also applies to retail & wholesale customers). SORBET ISLAND has no control over these charges and we can't tell you what the cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. It might be a good idea to contact your local customs office for current charges before you order, so you are not surprised by charges you were not expecting.


For Black Friday campaign and upcoming promotions, we want to ensure you are informed about our sale items. In the spirit of these special events, please note that all discounted items will be non-returnable and non-exchangeable. This policy enables us to provide you with exceptional deals and maximize your savings during these limited-time promotions.


The Visitor and User of the online store have the following responsibilities: To use the Website in a legal and appropriate manner and to comply with the Codes of Ethics posted on the Website and/or provided for by the legislation in force. To refrain from any illegal, unethical, unfair and abusive use of the content and services of the Website and not to perform any acts or omissions that could cause damage or malfunction to the Website or to third parties (indicative but not exclusively mentioned in the Penal Code, in the Special Penal Laws, in the Telecommunications Legislation, in the Legislation for the Protection of Personal Data as well as in the relevant provisions of the Regulations or Directives of the European Union or of the National Telecommunications Commission, the Personal Data Protection Authority or any other Authority and Service). Not to infringe any form of Intellectual Property of third parties. Provide true, complete and correct account information when registering. Update their account details to reflect their true and current personal information. In the event that an inaccuracy is found in the User's registration details, SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. reserves the right to deactivate the user account immediately. To keep their password secret and not to reveal their password for the services of www.sorbetisland.com to third parties. They are also required to inform SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. immediately by sending an e-mail to [email protected], of any unauthorised use of their password. SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. reserves the right to request payment of compensation from the User, in the event that it suffers any damages as a result of their arbitrary or illegal use. Confirm that they have logged out of their account at the end of each session. Provide correct and accurate payment and delivery information for orders placed on the online store.


The entire content of the Website (for indicative and non-limitative purposes: texts, graphics, photos, digital phonograms, programmes, source code, news, articles, information, data, plans, illustrations, brands, trade names, names, logos, product names, company names, etc.), is the subject of intellectual property belonging exclusively to SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. or its content providers and is governed by the applicable national, community and international provisions on intellectual property, and is made available to its users strictly for personal use (non-commercial or for-profit). It is expressly prohibited to copy, reproduce, transfer, store, process, republish, distribute, sell, publish, perform, download, translate, modify in any way, communicate, disseminate or otherwise use the contents of the website for commercial or other purposes, in part or in summary, without the prior written permission of SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. . SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. reserves all legal and/or contractual rights against. All other trademarks, trade names, product names, company names, graphics and logos which are registered trademarks and copyrights of third parties, and which may appear on the website, belong to their rightful owners, fall within their own sphere of responsibility and their appearance on the website does not constitute and shall not be construed as a transfer or assignment of their licence or right of use.


These terms and conditions are governed by the provisions of Greek law, the directives and regulations of European law and the relevant international provisions, as applicable and interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith, the ethics of transactions and the economic and social purpose of the right. The nullity of any specific term herein shall not affect the validity of the other terms, although it shall automatically cease to be valid. All transactions carried out through the online store www.sorbetisland.com are governed by the European and Greek legislation applicable to e-commerce (Directive 2000/31/EC, Presidential Decree 131/2003) and the corresponding international conventions, as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (Law 2251/1994) which regulates matters related to distance selling, as applicable. The failure of MISSI OE to exercise any specific right or condition arising therefrom shall not constitute a waiver of such right or condition. The competent courts for the resolution of any dispute in accordance with the law or justice resulting from or arising out of this contract shall be the courts of Athens. For legal questions concerning the online store www.sorbetisland.com is responsible the LAW OFFICE THEMISTOKLIS HATZIIOANNOU, LAWYER & LEGAL ADVISOR.


The content and information contained on the website of the online store www.sorbetisland.com may contain typographical, numerical, etc. errors for which the online store www.sorbetisland.com bears no responsibility, while retaining in any case the right to renew the terms of use and conditions of transactions, the content of the information, the products and their prices, as well as the services provided, without any prior notice. The online store www.sorbetisland.com undertakes to update this text for any modifications. For any side effects that may result from the use of the products, the user must immediately notify these side effects to SORBET ISLAND HELLAS I.K.E. If you notify us of such side effects, we will immediately inform the supplier's competent company. The online store www.sorbetisland.com has endeavoured to display the products it offers with great accuracy, while providing information on the ingredients and their properties. However, as the final display is (also) dependent on the user's screen, there may be differences from the actual product image. For this difference, the online store www.sorbetisland.com is not responsible. The online store www.sorbetisland.com does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided and the absence of possible errors. Therefore, visitors of the online store www.sorbetisland.com who use its services on their own initiative, shall assume the relevant responsibility for cross-checking the information provided. The online store www.sorbetisland.com shall not be liable to customers/users for any damage that may result from the non-fulfilment of an order through their own fault. The online store www.sorbetisland.com is not responsible for defects or poor quality of the products made available to its customers, as all products are received by the suppliers packaged while being stored in appropriate places according to the manufacturer's instructions. In the event that a defective product is found in the quantities delivered, the user is entitled to a replacement of the defective product free of charge. The shipping of your order implies that: You have read and understood the terms herein and accept them without reservation. The products are for your own consumption or for the personal consumption of the person to whom they are sent, and their further promotion and resale is prohibited. It is your responsibility to provide your personal details accurately. You are the legal holder of the credit card you use for your transaction (in the event that it is owned by another person, you have the consent of that person to use the credit card) and the credit card has not been cancelled or its use is not prohibited in any way. The e-mail address you declare, and use belongs to you, is accurate and active. Your connection to the e-shop is at your own risk as to the possibility of causing damage to your computer and its software (by the possible transmission of viruses), which you know you take when connecting to it and for which you assume full responsibility. Where reference is made to deadlines, these shall refer to working days, excluding public holidays and/or Saturday-Sunday.


By registering on the mailing list or for the newsletter, the User’s email address will be added to the contact list of those who may receive email messages containing information of commercial or promotional nature concerning this Website. Your email address might also be added to this list as a result of signing up to this Website or after making a purchase. Personal Data processed: email address; first name; last name.